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Invisible locks

Endless design possibilities

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5 year warranty

Precision made in Austria to ISO9001

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Security & access control

Protect, lock or simplify access control

Who we are: PS GmbH Corporate Mission statement

The company PS GmbH is the worldwide market leader in the field of innovative and highly precise electromechanical locks in the high-end furniture sector.

We set the standard in all the latest technologies, processes and applications.

Our aim is to integrate the latest technologies from science and technology into our existing product range and to develop uniquely advanced products that have not yet existed on the world market.

Our goal is to replace mechanical locking systems known with precise, reliable, easy-to-install and almost invisible locks.

How we are: Corporate philosophy

We are the world's number one because...

• ... we can and it is fun to develop the best solutions and products.

• ... we have the independence and freedom to develop products that do not yet exist on the world market.

• ... we are proactively passionate about things.

• ... We live our corporate philosophy daily.

• ... there are cheaper, but no better and more innovative products out there.

• ... 5-year warranty and shortest delivery times are the result of our daily goal-oriented approach.

• ... we deliver solutions to our customers where others are only starting to form a working group.

Why we are: Corporate mission

It is our mission to provide the high-quality furniture manufacturer with easy-to-install and easy-to-use locking systems that simplify locking and do not stand in the way of design.

Our management structures in the quality, environment and safety of our company allow only the best solutions and results. Our customers experience, feel and listen to the high level of comfort and precision that our furniture locks offer.

The motto of PS GmbH is for US daily program:

"Good is only half way to the top."


Stockholm furniture & light fair 6-10. Febraury 2018
Schreiner Menusisier Kloten Switzerland 07-10.March 2018
Holz-Handwerk Nürnberg Germany 21–24. March 2018
mebel expo Tashkin Uzbekistan 24-26. April 2018
Security Essen Germany 25-28. September 2018


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